Dr. Etsuyo Yamada

1974 Graduated in Medicine from Nagoya University

1974-1975 Training at Seirei Hospital

1975-1981 Worked at Seirei Hospital

1982-1983 Worked at Yokohama Daijin Hospital (Internal Medicine)

1983-1989 Worked at the Onishi Municipal Hospital

1989-2001 Worked at the Inazawa Municipal Hospital (Internal Medicine)

From June 2001 Founded the Yamada Clinic

Dr. Shirin Okamoto

Specialty: Dentistry

Born in Shanghai, China

1983 Under graduate from the Shanghai University of Dentistry

1990 Immigrate to Japan

1996 Degree of Doctor in Dentistry from Aichi University

2000 Receive Japanese citizenship

2005 Obtain the medical license in Japan

Currently director of the Makoto Clinic

Dr. Hiroshi Sugiura

Born in 1953, graduated in Medicine from Tokyo University.
After working at the Tokyo University Hospital, Kawakita General Hospital and San-ikukai Hospital, served as director of the Sugiura Clinic from 1995 through December of 2010.

Besides his work as a doctor, has been involved in projects related to medical assistance for the homeless, work and asbestos related victims and medical consultation for foreigners.

Watch NHK coverage of his activities

Dr. Ryota Mori

Born in 1970, graduated in Medicine from Nagoya University in 1998.

Received training in several areas such as internal medicine, first aid and palliative care at the Yodogawa Christian Hospital.

Worked as surgeon at the East Nagoya Hospital.

Created the nutrition support team at the Ena Municipal Hospital.

After working at the Nagoya Kyoritsu Hospital and at the Narumi First Hospital, became Vice-Director of the Sugiura Clinic in April of 2010, being appointed as Diretor of the same clinic in January of the following year.